Have you or someone you know been injured in a auto accident?  If so, you know the havoc it can wreak.  Constant calls from insurance representatives; finding a replacement car and dealing with rental car companies, missing work, going to appointments with doctors and physical therapists.  All of this, while dealing with the main goal; getting your health back to where it was before a negligent, perhaps distracted, driver caused you pain and suffering, possibly for life.

I will work for you and with you.  I will deal with the insurance company representatives.  I will contact any health providers who are contacting you regarding any outstanding or unpaid medical bills.  I will get the police report and I will make contact with any and all potential witnesses.  From the beginning of any case, I tell my clients their number one priority is to get better.  My job is to deal with those things and people that get in the way of that priority.

After my client’s health has improved to a point where they are no longer actively treated for their injuries, we meet and begin to discuss resolution of the case.  This means discussing what amount of money will fairly and fully compensate my client for his or her injuries.  Once we come up with a plan, we create a demand package that is sent to the insurance representative of the negligent driver.  The package includes medical records and bills.  It also includes a detailed description of the accident, the injuries and, most importantly, how the accident and the injuries affected my client.

If you know someone who has been injured in a auto accident, have them call me.  There is no charge for our initial meeting.  Also, unlike most other attorneys, I will travel to someone’s house to meet and answer questions from the injured person and their family.