Everyone who owns or controls a dog has a responsibility to keep that dog from injuring another person.  Every day, children and adults suffer serious and permanent injuries and scarring because the owner of a dog failed to control it around other people.  The damage of a dog bite is both physical and emotional.  Initially, the bite causes intense pain, blood loss and ripped and torn skin.  After the initial treatment, the victim has to determine if the dog had received its rabies shots.  If the dog had not received its rabies shot, or the owner is not sure, the victim of the bite has to undergo painful rabies shots.  Over the next few weeks, after the initial healing, the injured person now faces the prospect of treatments with a plastic surgeon in an effort to limit or prevent permanent scarring.  Despite such treatment, injuries from a dog bit often result in life-long scars.

In addition to the physical suffering, victims of a dog bite often endure emotional distress.  This can include nightmares or an inability to fall asleep and a fear of all dogs.

If you know someone who has been suffered a dog bite, have them call me.  There is no charge for our initial meeting.